Level up your coffee knowledge and skills with a professional barista training or coffee technician training class from Trail Blaze Coffee Academy. Scheduled courses in our Charlotte, North Carolina Coffee Training Center are listed below. Please email us if you’d like to schedule an onsite, individual, or group session instead.

Small groups can choose to customize their learning experience. Many other courses are also available upon request. Please check out the full list here and email us to discuss a private training for your group.

Please be sure to read our Course Conduct and Cancellation Policies before completing registration for any class.

Comprehensive Barista Training Classes

barista training class

Build a comprehensive set of barista skills! Trail Blaze Coffee offers barista training classes at all levels from the Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Skills Program. We keep class sizes small to create a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience for every student.

Which course is right for you?

New baristas and home coffee enthusiasts can gain fundamental skills and coffee knowledge in our Introduction to Coffee and Barista and Brewing Foundation classes. More experienced baristas build increased competency, efficiency, and understanding in our Barista and Brewing Intermediate classes. Professional level courses offer Barista and Brewing master classes for higher-level exploration of the craft and science of coffee preparation.

Coffee Technician Training Camp

Preventive Maintenance training in a coffee technician class

Explore the inner workings of coffee equipment! Technician training classes from the Coffee Technicians Program are now available.

Learn about hydraulic, electrical, and water treatment systems, then practice connecting equipment to services and performing basic preventive maintenance tasks. This comprehensive four day hands-on program includes the SCA’s Hydraulic Systems and Electrical Systems Foundation courses, plus classes covering water treatment and preventive maintenance.

No dates available? Send us a message and we’ll let you know as soon as new sessions are scheduled.