Coffee Brewing Professional


Harness the science behind coffee brewing!

In this three-day hands-on course, we’ll explore the interactions and nuances of the essential elements of brewing and learn how to optimize our brews.

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The most powerful tools that a coffee brewing professional possesses are their analytical mind and their ability to process a multitude of changing variables.

Through a series of hands-on brewing exercises, we’ll use sensory and brew analysis to track the impacts of:

  • ground particle size distribution
  • brewing time, water temperature, and brewing turbulence
  • wetting/blooming approaches
  • brewing with various categories and styles of brewing devices
  • interactions between brewing variables
  • roast development and color
  • water chemistry, measurement, and treatment

At each step, we’ll develop and test brew plans which apply what we’ve learned to optimize our brews. With this knowledge, we’ll create strategies for efficiently achieving specific extraction and strength targets and sensory results.

This course builds on the coffee brewing, measurement, and analysis competencies developed in Coffee Brewing Intermediate, so successful completion of that course is required prior to attending.

Successful completion of this course, including practical and online written exams qualifies the learner for the Specialty Coffee Association’s Brewing Professional certificate.

Course fee include all SCA Certificate Fees.

Additional information

Class Date

Individual classes are scheduled by request

Course Location

Trail Blaze Coffee Training Center, Charlotte, NC


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