Water and Preventive Maintenance Foundation


Good water quality and regular preventive maintenance are critical for coffee equipment health and beverage quality.

In this Coffee Technicians Program course, you’ll learn how to analyze and treat your water, plus properly maintain your espresso machine, coffee brewer, and coffee grinders.


This in-person training course introduces fundamental concepts of coffee equipment preventive maintenance and water quality – relevant skills for equipment technicians, cafe owners, and baristas alike.

At the end of the course, the learner will be able to:
– Identify typical wear components in an espresso machine, batch brewer, coffee grinder, and water treatment system
– Describe relevant fundamental principles of preventive maintenance programs, water chemistry, and water treatment methods
– Demonstrate an awareness of the various hazards associated with working with coffee equipment and recommended procedures for working safely
– Demonstrate measurement and analysis of key water parameters
– Demonstrate simple preventive maintenance steps for a traditional espresso machine, batch brewer, and coffee grinder

No prior experience is necessary.

Successful completion of this coffee technician training course, including attending both sessions and passing practical and written exams, qualifies the learner for the Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Technicians Program Water & Preventive Maintenance Foundation Certificate.

Course fee includes all SCA Certificate Fees.

Please review our Course Conduct and Cancellation Policies before completing your registration. Paid registration for a course indicates acceptance of these policies.

This is an in-person course. Current Authorized SCA Trainers who would like to join our “train the trainer” course, please email us for more information.

Additional information

Course Location

Trail Blaze Coffee Training Center, Charlotte, NC


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