Barista Skills Professional (AST Approved)


Hone the key barista skills of a high-level coffee professional!

In this intensive three-day hands-on barista training class, we’ll learn and test the advanced skills and detailed knowledge essential for professional baristas.


Successful Lead Baristas depend on a thorough understanding of their coffee, milk, equipment, workflow, and drink menu, as well as a mastery of the skills required to pull the very best out of each.

Through a series of discussions and hands-on exercises, we’ll:

  • explore the impact of coffee growing conditions, processing, and variety/cultivar on the finished brew
  • refine sensory evaluation of brewed coffee sweetness, bitterness, acidity, and freshness
  • develop strategies for efficiently dialing-in different coffees and optimizing brew recipes
  • evaluate the impact of various dosing, distribution, tamping, brewing pressure, and brewing temperature
  • refine workflows to maximize quality, efficiency, and consistency when preparing complex, multi-drink orders
  • explore milk chemistry, behavior, and storage
  • refine milk steaming and pouring techniques for excellent latte art
  • analyze cost and profitability of espresso beverages
  • explore water chemistry, measurement, and treatment

This course can be completed fully in-person, or partially online. Please contact us to discuss possible course schedules.

This course builds on the brewing, steaming, measurement, and analysis competencies developed in Barista Skills Intermediate, so successful completion of that course is required prior to attending.

Successful completion of this course, including practical and online written exams qualifies the learner for the Specialty Coffee Association’s Barista Skills Professional certificate.

Course fee include all SCA Certificate Fees.

Additional information

Course Location

Trail Blaze Coffee Training Center, Charlotte, NC


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