Advanced Barista Skills Camp (AST Approved)


Dive deeper into the craft and science of brewing coffee and preparing espresso beverages in this comprehensive weeklong collection of hands-on barista training classes.

This course bundle includes both the SCA’s Barista Skills Intermediate and Brewing Intermediate courses.


This weeklong course is recommended for coffee professionals who are interested in increasing their skills and understanding of brewing coffee and crafting high-quality espresso beverages.

In a series of discussions and hands-on exercises, we’ll:

  • explore the impacts of green coffee growing and roasting on brewed coffee and espresso
  • practice fine-tuning grind and dose, and explore the range of flavors possible with different extractions, and recipes
  • use brewing analysis tools to evaluate both brewed coffee and finished espresso
  • explore how varying the essential elements of brewing impact the sensory characteristics, solubles concentration, and solubles yield of brewed coffee
  • discuss milk chemistry and refine milk steaming technique
  • practice latte art fundamentals
  • learn strategies for troubleshooting unsuccessful brews
  • build bar speed and efficiency when preparing multiple drinks
  • introduce basic espresso machine and grinder maintenance tasks

These courses build on the skills and knowledge introduced in Barista Skills Foundation and Coffee Brewing Foundation so successful completion of both courses or approved equivalents is required prior to attending.

Successful completion of this course, including practical and online written exams qualifies the learner for the Specialty Coffee Association’s Barista Skills Intermediate and Brewing Intermediate certificates.

Course fee include all SCA Certificate Fees.

Additional information

Course Location

Trail Blaze Coffee Training Center, Charlotte, NC


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