Barista Skills Camp


Build a diverse set of barista skills with this comprehensive three-day collection of hands-on barista training classes.

This course bundle includes the SCA’s Introduction to Coffee, Brewing Foundation, and Barista Foundation courses.


This comprehensive barista training class includes our three most popular SCA courses for baristas.

We begin with Introduction to Coffee, a half-day class where we’ll discuss coffee farms and growing from past to present, introduce the ways that terroir, species, and green coffee processing method affects the finished cup, learn about the changes that take place during the roasting process, and practice sensory evaluation in a coffee cupping.

Barista Foundation is a full-day barista training class where students learn the recommended process for brewing espresso using various recipes, then practice pulling shots and tasting their results. We’ll taste and discuss properly and improperly prepared espresso, learn how to adjust an espresso grinder to achieve delicious results, practice steaming milk, and then use all of their new skills to create various espresso-based beverages.

Brewing Foundation is a full-day class which involves lots of hands-on time brewing and tasting filter coffee. We’ll brew coffee using several different brewing devices, use our senses to evaluate the brewed coffee, and discuss what happens when the essential elements of brewing are varied. Learners will leave this course being able to properly use various brewing devices.

No prior experience is necessary.

Successful completion of this course and short online written exams qualifies the learner for three Specialty Coffee Association certificates: Intro to Coffee, Brewing Foundation, and Barista Foundation.

Course fee include all SCA Certificate Fees.

Please review our Course Conduct and Cancellation Policies before completing your registration. Paid registration for a course indicates acceptance of these policies.

Additional information

Course Location

Trail Blaze Coffee Training Center, Charlotte, NC

Course Times

Introduction to Coffee: noon-5:30pm EST
Brewing Foundation: 9am-5pm EST
Barista Foundation: 9am-5pm EST


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